Pm Silicone Roofing

Does your roof need an upgrade?

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Lynn's Handyman can install a silicone membrane on your flat roof. The silicone roof coating is cost efficient and can be installed quickly. Silicone roofs provide a watertight surface and can help reduce energy costs.

The PR Silicone roof coatings are applied directly to your existing roof. There is also no need to tear up your existing roof when you have a silicone roof layer installed.

Call on our roofing specialists for expert commercial & residential silicone roof installation in Jackson, TN

Advantages of PM Silicone Roofing

  • Immune to Moisture Damage
  • Cost Efficent
  • Quick Installation
  • Lower Labor Cost
  • Less Waste
  • Extended Roof Life
  • Environmentally fredily Instalaltion

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